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5U VC Mixer kit sale
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Author 5U VC Mixer kit sale
5U VC Mixer kit sale!!!
In a combined collaboration between Bridechamber and Mattson Mini Modular, Were offering a sale for the combined 5U VC Mixer kits.

Visit my WIKI page for a description of the kit and contents.

The sale will run from now until midnight PDT Friday, September 10th.

Sale price is $159.95 for the combined kits.

Shipping and handling:
Domestic-USA= $12.00
International= $20.00

The kits can be ordered either from me; PayPal: mattsonminimodular (at) comcast (dot) net
or from Scott;

Maybe, he'll pop in here and give us some ordering specifics for him.

The kit will need a power cable. If you need one, you can order it from me for $3.00. Specify either standard 4-pin to 4-pin or, 6-pin to 6-pin.
both are 12" in length.

If you don't want to solder it yourself, I'm offering the assembled version for $189.95.
The assembled version you will have to order from Mattson Mini Modular. Scott doesn't want to build them hihi

He's apparently busier than I am. we're not worthy

You will still have to source your knobs-of-choice.

We're excited about this. Here's a pic of the finished panel:

Thanks guys,

Mattson Mini Modular

(PS: don't forget that I have the Sample and Hold DIY board on sale)
Yes, please do order up some kits. There are a limited number of panels, so don't be dawdlin', folks!

If you do send the ching to Bridechamber, you can Paypal it to sales (at) bridechamber (dot) com. Shipping costs, etc., are the same as George.

I do have a backlog, so it's nice that George is willing to assemble! Thanks!
OK, Scott pointed out that this is September now....

Sorry, the sale runs until SEPTEMBER 10. Midnight PDT.

I edited the original post to reflect that.

It's still 2010, right? hmmm.....

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