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Looking for advice on a software platform
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Author Looking for advice on a software platform
I also dont 'get' Ableton. I've had free versions of it with several things I've bought over the years and it just seems a lot of work to do for what it does. But I guess for some kinds of music its the jam?

I find that most mature DAWs like Logic have a lot of crazy stuff under the hood if you want to get out the manual and find out what all those extra windows besides track, edit and mix do.
For instance I have had a lot of fun in the past using just Logic's sampler, some pitch shifter and delay effects on sends, and some midi plug ins.
This is stuff that has been part of Logic since 8 or earlier, and is not the pretty shiny graphics you see on the newer features.

There is that whole environment view, and all kinds of ways you can route things, midi and audio.

Max is something I've been meaning to hop on for years. They have sales every now and then, but I always seem to miss out. And the full price is quite a big bite for something I might not end up using a lot.

However, I've known a lot of artists that use Max to do very cool installations or performance pieces. The potential of it is pretty huge, once you get the basics down. And to be frank, these artists that I know are not rocket scientists. They are ordinary people that are a lot less technically adept than your average electronic musician.
The irony of owning a digitakt and then saying

"Maybe I'm being a stupid snob but I don't like the commercial feel of Reason, Reaktor, or Ableton. Their default stance is not a kind of music I want to make, and of course I know you don't have to make techno with any of them, but it's their, and I like the feel of the more cerebral applications better. "

But seriously. Ableton checks all your boxes if you can get over your own prejudice. It is way more flexible than it might seem.
+1 for Audiomulch. There is a really good VST sequencer called 'TheSys' which you can run multiple instances of inside mulch to drive any of your other VSTs.
Also Tassman4 is another excellent VST to run in Mulch, kind of a miniature Reaktor.
nateflanigan wrote:
- Modular style. For me the big aha moment with hardware modular gear was the open architecture, the sort of anything can be routed to anything approach. I'm more into something like building a generative patch and the performance is me tweaking around in that patch for as long as seems fit, as opposed to composing a linear song that can be repeated exactly.

looks like Linux with JACK, where anything can be routed from/to anything.

(i know everyone's skeptical, just saying.)
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