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Mutant Theory - 3D physical modelling filter
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Author Mutant Theory - 3D physical modelling filter
So this is the third module, being posted here to entice sales of the VCOs which have units in stock ready to ship. Sales of these will allow the company to go into production & prototyping of these next 2 modules.

This module offers a style of computation that is quite novel, both in analogue or digital. Physical modelling of strings has been done in analogue by Haible, Moog (and not especially well, despite their other accomplishments). And Karplus-Strong waveguide synthesis has been available in hardware and software for a similar amount of time.

The module computes 3 dimensional physical modelling directly according to a mathematical analogue, in an especially resource efficient way. Just 3 state variable filters in parallel with a shared feedback path. The shared feedback path means complex resonant harmonics are generated through recursion rather than brute force.

Specifically, the module solves the wave equation (the vibration modes of a circular membrane), or fluid flow (so called Navier Stokes) both in 3 dimensions.

To give an idea how interesting this technology is, there is a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can prove that the solutions to Navier Stokes equation within specific conditions are valid by the Clay Mathematics Insititute source. The implication seems to be that they are looking for a higher theoretical proof rather than a practical working model. Their (and my) loss could be your gain!
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