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Book buying suggestion
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Author Book buying suggestion
Have tiny little bit of money that I wish to spend on a book to increase my understanding of electronic music and looking for a purchase that broadens my thinking in a more philosophical way. Currently, these two books are on my radar, which one to buy?

Patch and Tweak. (Enough has been discussed about this and it would be a great purchase I'm sure!)

Audio Culture, Readings in Modern Music (Chrisoph Cox). Haven't really seen much discussion around it but it looks to be an excellent collection of essays.

I've been reading Cage's Silence over the last few weeks so that's where I'm coming from. Some other books that have piqued my interest are Daphne Oram's book, Experimental Music Since 1970 (Jennie Gottschalk) and Schaeffer's Music Concrete book.

The maximum I can spend right now is probably the price of Patch and Tweak and that's equal to buying a couple of the other books that I mentioned, any recommendations on what I should be picking up first? Pretty sure I'll eventually end up with all of them, but gotta make a decision for now! Any other suggestions are welcome too!

EDIT: Not sure if I posted this on the wrong subforum, please move it to a relevant one if required, moderators.
buy Patch & Tweak as its creators will get the money and its really really great.
Look for older books on Google books etc to see if they are worthwhile.

check your local library, ( a quick google turned up this.. ns%3A11%3A11%3ANon-fiction%3A%3A__Ff%3Afacetmediatype%3A1%3A1%3ABook%3 A%3A__Orightresult__U__X0__Ks%402000e%402018?lang=eng&suite=cobalt

Microsound always gets good write ups, and see where the internet takes you..
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