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Serge Modular - Ambient/Drone release
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Author Serge Modular - Ambient/Drone release
Figured this would be the most relevant place to share this work since it's 98% Serge (mods please move if you feel otherwise, thanks).

The release was composed with a three panel Serge system, Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Digitone, Zoom H4n (field recordings) and Overstayer Modular Channel for processing. Each track is a single take with blend of subtle manual modulation and modulation help from the Cocoquantus. I used a Swamp panel for most of the sequencing. The goal was to zoom into more complex patches, slow them down and explore some of the more minimal/textural moments within them.

CASSETTE VERSION via Obsolete Future

This is a really great ambient work. Thanks for sharing! What is your serge setup? How did you incorporate the coco?
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

My Serge is currently a COA Vintage Voltron 6 (great for multi-voiced drones!), vintage panel (2x PVCO, VarQ, Ring, ASR, 2x DTG, 2x VCA, and Extended), and a Swamp for sequencing duties. The vintage panel has some real magic inside of it.

As far as integrating the Coco, I like to think of it sort of like a tape machine looping bits of the Serge (or other instrumentation). I do a lot of manual mixing between the Coco's two tracks and what's being processed. It's also the thread between each track, everything goes through it even just for subtle bits of texture. I have some of the skips and flips being modulated by the quantussy as well, mostly with the chaos all the way up and manually introducing it so it behaves erratically, almost like tape would.
laserpalace wrote:
textural moments

Yes! Palpable!

we're not worthy
Love it, thanks for sharing! Did you get some of the grit and overdrive from the Overstayer Modular Channel? I've been gassing after that unit for a while..
This is great! Been listening to it while I’m at work. I’ll pick it up tonight when I get home. Nicely done.
There are some really beautiful textural moments here. The whole album is highly recommended!
Thank you everyone for digging into it, I really appreciate it.

Did you get some of the grit and overdrive from the Overstayer Modular Channel

I definitely relied on the MC for emphasizing some of the texture. The saturator is incredible, very flexible when mixing alongside the EQ. It can be very precise or extreme depending on your settings. I also utilized a bit of gain from the preamps initially which adds a lot up front. I don't think you can go wrong with the Modular Channel. It adds a new dimension to just about anything I run through it.
This is lovely.
Such a rad album by one of my favorite artists and people SlayerBadger!
Really enjoying this! thumbs up
There's a transition that happens at about 7:28 in IV and the section it moves into is terrific.
we're not worthy seriously thank you all for the amazing feedback.

I've done a lot of ambient work in the past but never really focused it into a release. Something about focusing on the Serge has really helped me take that initiative.
the bad producer
I've been listening to this a lot, and it is really superb indeed.

I wasn't going to ask, but I can't help it! Did you use the Clouds + Rings modules with the Serge?
the bad producer
thumbs up for this release very minimally, I believe on V, VII and VIII.

I really enjoy using them subtly, often processing clouds through rings. VII uses a six voice drone mainly from the DUSG's/PVCO's ran through this chain. Rings provided the light chorus like sound.
the bad producer
Thanks for the reply! I never had them long enough here to really get a grip on integrating them with the Serge in my own music, so it's interesting to hear - at any rate whether you used them or not it's really great work! Guinness ftw!
I love this, thanks for sharing!
hermbot wrote:
There's a transition that happens at about 7:28 in IV and the section it moves into is terrific.

Yes to this. Just a seamless segway that you almost expect because you've been set-up to imagine a perfect Segway to a related stream.

I bought and downloaded your lates release on bandcamp, and I enjoy it very much.
love it
Wonderful job.

I have a question if I may, I'm always hunting the "clicky" sounds I hear i.e. in I and especially in the beginning of II, it's a sort of obsession for me but I'm never able to do it properly. Would you mind to share how you made it?

Thanks in advance and looking forward for Vol. 2!
Thanks for listening.

Those sounds are generated from the cocoquantus, it's sort of the nature of that machine IMO. I'm pretty certain I'm modulating the skips with the S/H of one of the quantussy voices. I tend to have the speed and chaos turned all the way up, then slowly turn the chaos down so you get these glitched sort of pops and clicks. It's especially helpful when you have a fixed sample looped vs continuous sampling.

Hopefully that helps! Also the VCFQ's in high frequency range help with those. I'm a huge fan of those early Pole albums which set me on a journey toward finding those micro sounds.
laserpalace thanks a lot for your reply, keep on with the great job!
Brilliant stuff! This seriously gives me the chills Rasta-nana
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