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Class notes
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Author Class notes


Just ordered in US, let's see how long it takes. I've had good luck with Lulu in the past and hope for the same.

Yes, much interest in Vol 2 and then whatever else you have in the big pile! Thanks for doing this and keep up the good work of passing on the info. We can't let this stuff be lost to history and/or too difficult to find for the future synth enthusiasts.

Regards, Jim

Pelsea wrote:
cptnal wrote:
They're going to resend with tracked shipping. Fingers crossed! Mr. Green

I hope you get it soon, considering the encouragement you gave me to finally get off my butt.

I'm wondering if there is any interest in a book 2. That would include essays on system design, performance, advanced generative patches, and any other topics wigglers might suggest.

Just a heads' up. I received a shipping notice over the weekend and the book arrived today! So, less than a week from order. Lulu is doing a great job in case anyone is concerned.

Thank you Peter for making this available...................looking forward to Vol 2 and whatever else you may have.

Regards, Jim
My copy took about the same time to arrive. A great book for any synth fan.
Got a discount coupon for the shipping costs in the mail for Lulu, maybe it works for others as well:


Valid until April 4th.
Got my copy in the mail today (super fast international shipping!) and it looks awesome -- very clear concepts and layout. As a beginner to the world of modular synthesis, I really appreciate that Peter made this available. Recommended!!
Purchased yesterday from Lulu. It should arrive in the UK in about a week. Thanks in advance Pete...
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