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Case for Cyndustries Medium Power Supply
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Author Case for Cyndustries Medium Power Supply
Hi all! So, this is how I’ve been using this Cyndustries power supply since I took it off my rack to put more modules in. It will eventually get me killed so I need to build a case for it but I don’t know where to begin... Does anyone have one to sell or advice on how to build it? It's 13 cm deep and the front panel is 11,5 cm by 22,5 cm. Thanks!

sorry - deleted!
I don't have any experience with the Modcan A format but here's a couple options to consider:

I'd probably look into making something myself though. You could go partial DIY by finding some sort of existing product like a tool box or ammo case that the supply will fit comfortably in and then add some short strips of angle aluminum or corner brackets etc to attach the supply too. At the very least you could go to your local kitchen supply store and find some sort of plastic food container to set the supply into until you can make something better? cool
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