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VCV Rack: Open-source virtual modular synthesizer
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Author VCV Rack: Open-source virtual modular synthesizer
almost 9th.... nanners Rockin' Banana! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Do we have a time yet? w00t
Oh,I can't wait to get out of work for this!
Has anybody downloaded?
If the sound is of equal or better quality from Reaktor,
this will be so awesome...
I think still no available for download, can't see the binaries at either github or vcrack webpage
Going to give Knobconners a bit of EXCLU, so the public release will be in the afternoon (Chicago time) after the crowd dimishes some. w00t
waah Rockin' Banana! thumbs up hyper nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! Rockin' Banana!
Sounds like too much w00t hihi
Is it on ? cry
Last commit was 20 minutes ago, probably some fine-tuning.
Not yet...
Just want to say, Vortico you did a amazing job !! It sounds and looks amazing... so much fun..
Eagerly waiting to try this out.
Saw/heard this at KnobCon yesterday. Visually stunning on the huge-ass monitor he had. Sounded good, though admittedly it was a loud room and I have crap ears. Going to be playing with this for sure.
Well done, this looks great. Its something I always wanted to make, but your implementation is fantastic
Released at !

The booth has been very active---it's keeping me busy!

Feel free to shoot me an email or post here if you have suggestions or find any bugs.
Insta-crash OSX 10.8.7 (64bit)

Have a log if it helps?
Won't open on OS X 10.11. Says it requires 10.12?
Vortico wrote:
Feel free to shoot me an email or post here if you have suggestions or find any bugs.

Totally amazing and sounds great. Thank you! Ultimate laptop travel thing and so much more.
Clouds port does not seem to be working on my mac os sierra but it might just be incomplete.
Also, is it possible to implement midi clock out on the midi in module?
Also, it would be super awesome if all the cables became hmm... stackable. Maybe with a modifier key pressed when patching?
Great!! Thanks a lot Portico!!!! we're not worthy

I`m using the windows version and I have nearly 100% CPU usage at the audio output module. Changing the output device have some kind of effect: WASAPI seem to be the worst at 99.9-100% CPU, then MME and directsound with 97-99%, and ASIO ASIO4All driver almost the same. The only driver that lower the CPU to 42 % is when I select the ASIO ReaRouter driver (from Reaper)
I¨ll try the iconnect audio card and ASIO driver later...

EDIT: Tried the Iconnect audio card and driver: is the same that the other drivers(except rearoute): 98-99% CPU

And, how to change the Clouds mode??? I see pressing Grids edit button and then moving the mouse up and down changes the mode, tried the same in almost every squere pixel at the clouds frontpanel... hihi But no luck!

Also had once a strage behaviour and when loading new modules they appeared without the front graphics,
This looks very awesome, having a lot of fun trying out modules I haven't played with yet. Really hoping there will be some more modulation options soon.
This is absolutely great! Amazing job, thank you.

Windows version working fine so far. Futhermore, some of the usability
nuances are better in VCV than in Softube Modular)
565 wrote:
Won't open on OS X 10.11. Says it requires 10.12?

Same here.
For the Mac bugs: If you can "Report..." on the crash dialog, click that, "Show Details", and email the bug report to If the dialog box doesn't say that, could you send a screenshot of the dialog box? I'll fix these crash bugs first.
This is amazing! Thank you so much for making this available.

Is it normal that the sequencer in Fundamental's sequencer's lowest setting is so fast? If this is an issue, would it be better if I post this on the Github page?

Edit: Never mind, I'm an idiot. I didn't play around enough to notice that turning the knob to the right makes it slower, I thought it would be the other way around. Aside from the fact that sometimes when loading modules, the panels of the new modules go blank, no other issues so far. Wow, this sounds so good!
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