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Cubase and Reaktor multiple input/output issue
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Author Cubase and Reaktor multiple input/output issue
I need to be able to route 4 channels of audio in to a Reaktor VST ensemble inside Cubase, while at the same time have 8 channels of audio out from the same Reactor ensemble.

It seems like the only way in Cubase to get audio in is to use Reaktor 6 FX as an audio insert or effect send.
It seems like the only way in Cubase to get multiple Audio outs is to use Reaktor 6 (not FX) in an Instrument track.

I have both of these working independently, but I need 4 in + 8 out in the same ensemble. Reaktor is not VST 3 so Cubase isn't giving me a way to sidechain the audio in to the Instrument plugin.

Has anyone found a solution? If this is impossible in Cubase, has anyone come across another DAW that would allow a single Reaktor VST ensemble to do simultaneous 4 in + 8 out?
I switched to Reaper and I can now have 2 ins and 16 outs. How can I add 2 more inputs to my Reaktor ensemble? When I add the terminal in for 3 and 4 they always show as muted and I can’t find a way to connect the additional inputs. Is this a Reaktor limitation?
In Ableton Live I can address 8 ins and outs of the Reaktor 6 FX plugin. Unfortunately, I have no clue of routing in Cubase or Reaper, but there has to be a way.
So it needs to be the FX version? If so, are you able to get MIDI to work with it in the FX version in Ableton?
Reaktor is always able to receive MIDI. It`s done Ableton style, not directly on the track, but you can always "send MIDI to" an audio channel. So you could easily host instruments in a Reaktor FX plugin on an audio channel with multiple ins and outs, yes. The thing ist, you`ll need a lot of extra tracks sending and receiving audio to/from Reaktor.
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