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Mattson/Wiard Serendipity
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Author Mattson/Wiard Serendipity
So, I wanted a scope for my 300. Looked at all the options and got an Elby. Some minor sanding of the board edges and it JUST fits behind the panel.
Was going to also build a digital tuner in the panel, BUT...the scope was so wide I could not have the wiard style chassis and 2 large cutouts made for a wobbly panel (I abhor wobbly panels). What to do with the unsightly left over space?
Looked around in the bits and pieces box and there was a Mattson 4X1 mixer card left from a joystick mixer that I never got to.

Perfection, as if Mr. Mattson had designed it to fit!! makes perfect use of the available space while adhering to the Wiard 300 form factor. But now I must order MORE cards...A utility module with a noise source with the SLOW random, a sample and hold, and a buffered multiple(or 2) demands to be built.......
That worked out pretty slick applause
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