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Successes with BI1 Brainterface MIDI output?
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Author Successes with BI1 Brainterface MIDI output?
Hi Folks,

I've been having a great time working with the BI1 Brainterface the past year or so, and am actually doing some concerts beginning next week of a new piece I made for live biofeedback electronics (brain and muscle sensor data drives the synth) and saxophone - fun, wild stuff!

That said, I've not had any luck with the MIDI output on the Brainterface, sent into a Mutable Instruments Yarns. help

Now, the truth of the matter is that I haven't yet put a lot of time into this, as I'm not using MIDI for this current piece, but has anyone else successfully used the MIDI out from the BI1, and if so, what settings did you use on the BI1 MIDI settings, and what MIDI>CV convertor/module have you used that worked?

Many thanks!
Hi there.
BI1 MIDI functionalities are limited to sending out control change messages.
You cannot generate notes (note on - note off messages), so you need something that can receive the CC# messages.
I am not sure that YARNS could transform CC# messages into CV.
BUT, why doing this anyway??? The MIDI stuff was included to drive something on a PC or on another Synth that does not have CV inputs..
Let me know what are your needs, maybe we can work something out!
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