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MMM DIY Envelope Generator sale
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Author MMM DIY Envelope Generator sale
I've been threatening to put my DIY EG board on sale for a bit now. It will come in handy for all of you who picked up the 4X gate delay who want to stock up and have an EG for each gate delay output.

But, I want to try something before I officially put it up. I may have a handy mod for it...if it works the way I think it will. But, sometimes my brain and reality have differing opinions hmmm.....

The sale will be the same as the gate delay as far as pricing and terms. The only difference is the board and the wire kit.

I'll try out my hunch today and officially announce the sale later today.

Those of you who have picked up modules and posted your pix: applause
Great Job! There's some real talent out there. thumbs up

Mattson Mini Modular
OK, the MMM Assembled/tested DIY Envelope Generator board is now on sale until midnight PST Sunday May 02, 2010.

The details:
EG-B= Envelope Generator Assembled/tested board only= $64.95
EGK= Above Envelope Generator board with the wire kit and power cable of choice=$80.95
Suffix the EGK kit order with a -6(6P-6P power cable), -4(4P-4P power cable) or a -E (4P-Euro power cable)

A full kit with a 4-pin to Euro-style power connector would be:

This is a MW-only offer so, you'll have to PayPal me direct to my PayPal account:
mattsonminimodular(at) (at)=@

US shipping add $4.95 for up to every four boards.
Everywhere else, add $13.50 for up to every four boards.

I still haven't tried that mod but, I'll fill in the customers who order on what I'm trying to do and see if it's a simple thing. I just finished a system for a customer so I'll have a chance to try it tomorrow.

When you place an order, let me know what your MW username is so I can match up orders with usernames.

For those of you who missed out, I'll honor the previously posted sale prices during this period if you want to grab some of those as well.

Go check out the "Show us your DIY MMModules..." thread. You guys are a lot more creative than I am. applause

Also, check out John Rice's video on the 5U EG I let him try out. Great vid.
Mattson Mini Modular
Just a reminder that the EG sale will end at Midnight PDT Sunday.

There was some confusion but, yes, all previous boards I had listed for sale here on MW will be offered at the listed sale price during this time frame.

For grins, I added the Utility 1 board into the sale as well, same details as the EG

UT1-B = $64.95
UT1-K = $80.95

Just finished prototyping the VC Dual LFO. Well, half of one smile
Calculated low end range with a full-5V CV is around 2 Hours 42 minutes.
High end maxes out at 1400 Hz or F''' or better yet: piano note #69 hmmm.....

Finished the PCB design and currently waiting for boards. I'll build one and try it out. If it works on the board, I'll put it up for sale. Probably a bit more than the other boards, I was running out of room for the parts.

Mattson Mini Modular
Just a reminder that the MMM EG sale will end at midnight PDT tonight.

I've included all previous DIY sales items along with this sale.

Now, I'll go post my VC DLFO notice It's peanut butter jelly time!

Mattson Mini Modular
Just some more noodling I did with the 5U prototype:

Nice, John w00t Guinness ftw!
I flaked on you, George... I started a new job today and in my nerves forgot about the sale. Now I owe Todd Fletcher for the Klee builds so I'll buy some EGs later.
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