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Linear slew on Wiard 300 series.
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Author Linear slew on Wiard 300 series.
No I prefer smooth tone, it is still very related to the Woggle CV and adds a bit more depth to the patch. Just a fraction, though.

I found syncing using Disturb to be quite difficult to implement, but maybe you can find a way to make it do what you want, or maybe not!
drumsofd00m wrote:

BTW Cary, when I try to clock the WB from the old 311's gate buttons, this only works the first time after making the connection, contrary to clocking from e.g. the Borg LFOs. I.e. I get no woggling from the second push onwards. Is there a way to amend this?

If you mean the Step Clock input, That's because the "gate" on those old controllers is just a voltage going through a momentary on-off switch, which won't work properly with the Woggle Bug clock input. Long story short, basically you need a logic output that goes between 0V and 10V (something like the new gate circuit on the 311C, or a square wave will work too).

You can, however, do it with what you have, with a little patching:
Connect the controller gate out to the Envelator gate in (AR mode), then come out of the Envelator into the WB Step Clock input.
@ Drums. I got it to work. At least I think I have.

Your patch actually is more interesting that straight portmento so thanks for that!
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