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Author AL-88c
Paranormal Patroler wrote:
You know you can hook up two AL88c's together, right ?! That's the coolest thing, you can really go standalone with these. That's why I'm considering the U3-88c ... keep that for the studio and have the AL88c's for my live setups where I connect two cases via MIDI. Just plug an ethernet cable and you're set.

I do, and I love it. I have a dedicated input on my AL-88C that connects over the network to my MS-812, so I just have to plug a midi cable into one input and it goes to my modular rig over ethernet. God I wish Copperlan had caught on.
Paranormal Patroler
It's a proprietary protocol with closed architecture. It's not weird that it didn't catch on.

They should've opened it up so more people would get into it without paying fees, then it would be all over the place!
brucethehoon wrote:

Noooo. you should not buy one. If you find any, you should contact me by PM, and forget you found it. cool

I don't know yet whether it is real or a mirage, but two hours ago I got an email from Perfect Circuit Audio saying they were back in stock. I went over there immediately and ordered one. 6 months ago I started replacing all my MOTU interfaces with AL88c's and they discontinued it before I could get the last one I needed (total of three). Alyseum's site still says manufacturing suspended. Either PCA found some hidden on their shelf, or there was enough pent up demand that Alyseum did another run.

Here: -al-88c.html
Alyseum will not make a new batch, AL-88c will be soon replaced by USB3 model.
Makingsound wrote:
Alyseum will not make a new batch, AL-88c will be soon replaced by USB3 model.

Maybe not, but two months after they were discontinued and nowhere to be found, they (temporarily?) become available again. I don't know why, and as I indicated it could be a mistake, but I'm not complaining. I have zero interest in the USB model, so the moment I get a shipment confirmation from PCA, I'll be happy (and if they're still around in two weeks, I may order a fourth one as a spare.)
Paranormal Patroler
Yeah, there's 0 chance Alyseum made a new batch. Ask PCA how they got one! Mr. Green
Well my third AL-88c arrived. The person at PCA didn't know why more had shown up, but agreed with my guess that it might have been a stocking error. The few that reappeared are now sold, and they're out of stock again. Too bad. If they had stayed around for another week, I probably would have bought a fourth for portable and backup use.
Paranormal Patroler
I assume a few will come up as soon as the USB3 model comes out.
I remember somebody compared the LAN and the USB version. Finally he preferred the LAN interface. Does somebody can remember why?
You can chain up to 3 AL88's together and use as a 24-port standalone midipatchbay.
The USB3 version can chain max 2 devices (16-port patchbay) and can only be used when pc is powered on.
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