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Easel Comparison
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Author Easel Comparison
So, at AHNE 2014, we had an original Music Easel, a BEMI Easel, and a 208r module side-by-side plugged into the same mixer so folks could compare them with headphones.

I hadn't had a chance to work with a BEMI Easel before so it was my first encounter with it. While all three were certainly great sounding, they were all different. The BEMI Easel was more 'synthetic', bright, and crisp. It took some work to make it as dark and organic as the original and the 208r.

The original 208 and the 208r were closer to each other with more of an organic sound. There was a certain 'thunk' (not DC leakage) that these 208s exhibited that was there as much in the BEMI Easel.

Certainly the difference in key size was noticeable with the BEMI taking more "skin" or pressure to affect the same change. My original Easel is also set fairly sensitive.

They are all cool sound generators and all of this is highly subjective but it was fun to compare and contrast them.

Side-by-side BEMI and Original: 71546
All in a row:

Anyone else have thoughts from the comparison?

Cool photos.

I have played the new easel, and the 208r.

I think every synth will have its own personality. I like how the 208r and the new easel, have different flavors of random. Along side the 208r's modulation oscillator being of its own.

I do agree the new easel's sound is bright and warm. I think the new easel sound is organic though. Getting gritty and dark isn't that hard for me to do. It probably depends on the amount of time you sit down on each to learn about them. I want to hear more sounds of them all.

Hear is a recent gritty glitchy track I made:
Yes, I did a video comparing the 208r and the new BEMI Easel. Sorry, no vintage Easel, but that video can be found here:

Here is my comparison between a BEMI and a 208r! They are separated in the stereo signal!

They both sound different and good! It is very difficult to do the same patch on both. Part of this can be explained by the high/low switch of the mod osc on the BEMI and the totally different sounding spring reverb.

But in the video above it is not possible to hear which one is on which track seriously, i just don't get it

Audio can be found on:
The black gloves make everything sounds more sinister-er.
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