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Express- My first Mattson-branded Eurorack module
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Author Express- My first Mattson-branded Eurorack module
I've done it. I'm releasing a Mattson-branded Eurorack module.
Actually, I have been asked by many people about my Handicon module. I designed the Handicon years ago and my WIKI page about it has the second highest hit count of all of my modules. But, I could never figure out an economical way to manufacture the hand controller.
I've used the circuit to provide pedal interfaces for a variety of custom projects.
People have been pressing me to provide this as a pedal interface in Eurorack.

So, I did. Here is the prototype and it will be in production soon.
I'm calling it: "Express"
Catchy, huh?

I scaled it to 4-channels. Up to four, 3rd party expression pedals can be plugged into the pedal interface and be utilized to provide foot pedal control of CVs or audio into your Eurorack modular system. Any available 3rd party expression pedal can be utilized if it uses a TRS plug. Such as the M-Audio and Moog expression pedals.

I use it for pitch bends, vibratos, audio "volume" control for specific patches and even use it to change the key of a sequence on our sequencer from a major to a minor scale in real time

Division 6 will be adding this to their catalog and provide a sales point for everybody.

Division 6 will be displaying the prototype at the Muffwiggler store grand opening in Portland, OR on 5-24-14. Drop on by if you read this before that date.

Here's a couple of pix of the prototype. Hand made by yours truly Guinness ftw!

And yes, that's a cat hair on the interface box......

So much for checking before snapping the pic. Dead Banana

But, this group will understand.
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